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1)     Measure your Window DROP Size (down)  in either CM or INCHES 

2)     How much gather do you want?  Choose how dense you want your net from the box below: 

x 1.5
Minimum Gather
x 2
Nice Soft Gather (Recommended)
Full Gather
Super Full Gather
 (No Nosy Neighbors!)

 3)     How wide Is your window?    Put in your measurements in either CM or INCHES 

4)     If you already know how many meters your need you can put in the meterage in. 

5)     Which room are they for?  Type in which rooms and we will pack the nets with your room labelled for easy sorting.

 6)     QTY  -  If you want more of the same size save time by entering the QTY here.  



We recommend Hand Washing Net Curtains Only. 

Allow to Drip Dry.

Iron with a Warm Iron Only.

Facts about Net Curtains

Definition - Net Curtain, a curtain made of net, usually fixed permanently across windows to ensure privacy; hence net-curtained.

Net curtains have been widely used since the 18th Century as a way of allowing light through a window whilst maintaining privacy for the room's occupants. It is believed that Net Curtains first developed in England and were originally made from lace woven from wool, silk or cotton - silk lace being the finer and more expensive variety. Since the advent of man-made fabrics in the 20th Century net curtains have been increasingly, and today almost exclusively, made from polyester. Other forms of lace or net curtain, for instance surrounding beds, or in doorways, have been in use throughout the world possibly since weaving techniques were invented, to protect privacy but also as decoration and to keep insects out. However these may be distinguished from Net Curtains as we generally know them by the fact that they are not used to shade windows.

Types of Net Curtains
Net Curtains are classified according to their uses, sizes and shapes. Some common varieties inlcude:

Voile - voile is a thin, semi-transparent woven material originally used in dressmaking and made from wool. Voile nets can be embroidered, but are essentially always based on a plain, evenly woven fabric.

Cafe curtains - cafe curtains are a specific form of net curtain often used purely for decoration but also to filter sunlight at the top of a window, whilst allowing an open view through the window below. Usually no more than 12-16 inches high, they are, as the name suggests, often found in cafes, where they give customers an outside view when sat at tables set next to windows. Cafe curtains can be made from any net material.

Jardiniere - this is a shaped, full-length net curtain, frequently arched in the centre to allow a view outside but with more window coverage than a Cafe net curtain.


Historically, Nottingham in England was the centre of the Net Curtain manufacturing industry for much of the 19th and 20th centuries. English manufacture has all but died out and now Turkey, Eastern Europe and China are the main producers.  No Nets are Manufactured in Great Britain regardless of what you read elsewhere.